Medical Professionals Visa

At the Frager Law Firm, our skilled immigration attorneys have considerable experience assisting foreign medical professionals with a physician, nursing, and other healthcare visas. Common visa options include the following:


A J-1 visa is a non-immigrant, exchange visitor visa for foreign physicians, medical graduates, students, researchers, and other medical scientists to train in the United States. Our firm works with medical professionals to obtain J-1 visa waivers which allow continued U.S. work after study completion. We also assist with J-2 visas so wives, husbands, and children of J-2 visa holders may come to the United States.


An H-1B visa may be available to U.S. medical school graduates, researchers, and physicians who have completed their United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) and Educational Commission on Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) (international medical degree verification, and the ECRMG examination are required for U.S. medical residency). Waivers of internship are often available for foreign physicians of extraordinary ability.


Foreign physicians and healthcare professionals of extraordinary ability in their fields may be eligible for temporary O-1 visas. O-1 visas are often renewable indefinitely.

Labor certification

Even though the Department of Labor (DOL) requires labor certification for many occupations, some occupations are exempt, such as the following:

National interest waivers (NIW)

National interest waivers allow foreign physicians and healthcare professionals to apply for permanent residency without labor certification.
National waivers apply to the following foreign nationals:

Physicians who agree to provide medical services for a five-year period in underserved areas:

Whether you are a foreign national interested in contributing to the U.S. healthcare industry or a medical institution seeking medical professionals, the lawyers at the Frager Law Firm look forward to assisting you with immigration concerns.

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