Naturalization (Citizenship)

General Information

The Frager Law Firm helps clients with US naturalization. Permanent residents who want to become citizens must go through the naturalization process.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) requirements for naturalization include the following:

During the naturalization process, the applicant must pass oral or written tests regarding U.S. history and government and English language skills. A USCIS officer interviews the applicant. FBI background checks are completed and applicants are fingerprinted. After participating in a public ceremony called the Oath of Allegiance to the United States, the applicant submits his/her green card to the USCIS and receives a certificate of U.S. citizenship.

Naturalization Guidance

Visa or residency issues can complicate naturalization and possibly lead to deportation. The Frager Law Firm can advise whether it would be detrimental to apply for naturalization and explain options.

Other valuable legal guidance includes the following:

Citizenship apart from Naturalization

Aside from naturalization, other ways that U.S. citizenship may be acquired include the following:

Becoming a U.S. citizen offers benefits and protections not afforded to permanent residents. Most citizens never have to fear the risk of deportation. Their family members receive immigration priority. They can vote, hold federal positions, receive federal grants, make political contributions, and run for public office.

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