Deportation and Removal Defense

When Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) issues a notice to appear, a removal proceeding is then scheduled to determine deportation. At the Frager Law Firm, we are skilled in preparing removal defense cases and have many successes helping clients who face possible deportation.

Reasons for removal/deportation

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) initiates removal proceedings for a variety of immigration situations. Common reasons for removal include the following:

  • Illegal entry
  • Visa or green card expiration
  • Violation of terms of visa
  • Criminal convictions
  • Marriage fraud
  • Membership in Prohibited organizations
  • Asylum denial
  • Employment violations
  • Immigration fraud
  • Failing to depart after a grant of voluntary departure

Reasons for removal/deportation

Based on your situation, our immigration lawyers employ various removal defense strategies, such as the following:

  • Adjusting status to permanent residency
  • Obtaining a cancellation of removal
  • Filing for political asylum
  • Obtaining an Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) waiver or pardon
Our lawyers represent individuals in removal or deportation proceedings, including those in immigration detention facilities. We present witnesses and prepare and submit well-documented evidence to judges. As appropriate, we file motions to reopen or appeal cases. We craft oral arguments along with written legal briefs. Thorough case preparation and an aggressive approach help us effectively protect our clients’ rights.

Client ID cards can make a difference

Every one of our clients receives an identification card which states the client’s and our contact information and identifies the person as a Frager Law Firm client. Clients carry the cards in their wallet, and if taken into custody, have our contact information readily available. A client who is not fluent in English can show the card to the authorities. In addition, our firm has staff who can translate into multiple languages.

Once contacted, we immediately prepare to deal with the charges. We counsel clients on what to expect during legal proceedings, inform as to strategies we undertake to defend them, and prepare them for court appearances. Our attorneys work diligently to protect clients’ rights in cases involving some the following offenses:

  • Drug crimes
  • Assault and battery

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